About Us

SoapsGarden's 100% naturally handcrafted soaps opened for business in April 2010.  The idea behind the beauty was to offer a Yummy collection of soaps that contain all natural ingredients derived from our Plant Kingdom.  Many people are not aware of the benefits of using an all natural product on their skin and that’s where we come in.  

Why Choose SoapsGarden’s All Natural Soap?

Your skin will absorb vitamins from the sun, chemicals and anything else that it comes in contact with. Our skin is an absorbent magnet and what our skin absorbs will wind up in our blood stream.  Once a toxin mixes with your blood, the result can be entirely hazardous. In addition, filling your body with toxins (in any form) can lead to illness and disease. You may not think about your skin a lot, but the things that you place upon your skin should be just as important as the things that you place inside of your mouth.


Here at SoapsGarden we use the natural plant matter, essential oils and plant infusions in our soaps which will allow your body to actually feel the connection in your central nervous system.  You can only achieve this when using natural ingredients with your body.  This process goes upward to your frontal lobe (top of your head) and moves to the back of your neck which connects to your nervous system.   

Your skin will absorb the great nutritional and mineral value from the natural ingredients we include in each bar. With regular use, you can see and feel real improvements in your skin's appearance.

So Why Choose SoapsGarden's All Natural Soap?

Because we give you a unique selection of natural soaps carrying the purest essential oil combinations with instant results for even the most serious skin conditions.

Luvetta struggled with having skin sensitive to unnatural ingredients all of her life and was limited in the body products she could use to bath and lotion her skin with. Luvetta began her soap journey in 2001 during her college years at the University of Maryland, College Park. There she learned all that she needed to know about the benefits of using natural body products.

Luvetta was sure there were other people suffering with the same, if not worse, skin issues as her own. She wanted to offer her customers all the best ingredients wrapped up in one bar. She wanted to give them a variety of quality products to choose from and that she did when she started SoapsGarden in 2010.

Justin left his career in Marketing in 2010 to help pol-volt SoapsGarden into the business it is today.  He has operated the SoapsGarden Media location at the Granite Run Mall and Booth's Corner in Garnet Valley, PA.  Justin has also serviced the Wilmington, Delaware area through SoapsGarden retail stores on 9th Street as well as attended numerous Farmers Markets throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware.  

​To many, he is known as the "Soap Man" and is the face of the company.  Many of our customers have expressed that our business makes them feel part of a family.  This is because Justin has a unique way of drawing people in and genuinely cares about the growth of SoapsGarden and the changes we make in our customers lives.   

Jean spent her life as a school teacher and later a tutor until she retired.  Jean joined the SoapsGarden team in 2013 as the Store Manager.  She became the new operator of the Booths Corner location and expanded that space into a retail store. Jean's business resources landed SoapsGarden onto the shelves of the Avondale Natural Foods store in 2015.

Jean has also represented SoapsGarden at local Craft Fairs in Media, PA and the weekly Newark Co-op Farmer's Market in Newark, DE.  Jean naturally brought creativity, personality and a fresh angle to the SoapsGarden team. Just another reason why our customers love what we do.